how i work

You’ll often see a lot of woolly corporate jargon about marketers. But with me, the way I work is pretty straightforward:

  • I make a point of understanding your business

  • I hit deadlines

  • I explain technical stuff in a way you can understand

my approach

I’ve never labelled myself just an SEO, or just a social media manager. I learned along the way that there’s so much more to be gained working across different areas of digital to understand how they interplay and get results.

Combine that with spending time learning about a business and the people and customers behind it means the work I do help create greater results for everyone involved.


I’ve been running my own business for 2 years now. Before working as a consultant I worked for a leading Exeter marketing agency. Before that? Freelance. Before that? A startup and before then - a major PLC. It’s taken a while to work out what kind of work I enjoy the most but self employment has been the best job so far.

Working for myself has meant landing a project with a dream client (The National Trust), speaking at the Met Office, starting a vlog, and spending a week working in Utah. I also launched a verbal identity business.

Away from all things digital marketing:

  • I studied archaeology at university, so museums are the ultimate weekend activity

  • Weekdays are spent trying to hit a new PB on my deadlift

  • Inbetween, any books by Malcom Gladwell, podcasts by Tim Ferris or vlogs by Casey Neistat are at the top of my list


If you want to talk about how digital marketing can help your business then hit the button below or call me on 07720880733 for a chat.