Google Fitness Marketing Mentoring | Dan White

Fitness marketing consultancy with #marketingfit

Dan White is an experienced digital marketer, who after 7 years in marketing is working with a number of leading fitness industry clients to help them win more business.

So many Personal Trainers qualify without any marketing experience -They've got the skills but no training in promoting their business

So many Gyms work on getting new members in - but don't do anything to keep their current clients happy

So many Fitness Professionals want exposure and sponsorship - but aren't sure how to stand out from the crowd

If you want more business from digital sources then Dan's available with face to face and online consultations to get you #marketingfit. This can cover 121 help that's different for every client - but will often include advice and tasks to work on:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Websites 
  • Search Engine Optimisation

Have any questions about how Dan could work with you? Email him directly at

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