My frustrations with cross-posting

Do you post Tweets to Facebook? Or do automatically add Facebook Posts onto Twitter? If so I want to hear your reasons why.

The ability to automatically cross update posts on the two sites isn't anything new, but what baffles me is why so many businesses continue to do so? n my mind if you're a business which does cross updates it just shouts that you can't be bothered.

Facebook and Twitter are two entirely different forms of social media, with different audiences and different environments, so why would you share exactly the same thing? Just because the functionality is there doesn't mean that it has to be used.

All in all I just think that it's not a very sociable thing to do. I also think in the longer run it damages your marketing efforts as people see that your providing them with a second hand experience. 

Some of the reasons why you shouldn't cross post:

Adding Tweets to Facebook

  • You have over 60,000 characters worth of space to potentially use - why stick with 140? 


  • Not everyone uses Twitter, so @, # and RT don't make sense to many.


  • Any #hashtags you use can't be searched.


  • Saying 'thanks for the follow' makes no sense.



Adding Facebook Posts to Twitter

  • Writing more than 140 characters - you're message is oddly cut off 1/2 way through with a link back to Facebook.


  • Making image only posts gives you a random Facebook URL linking back.


  • Saying 'Thanks for the like!' doesn't makes any sense.


  • If you add a link, people have to now go from Twitter>Facebook>Site putting an extra hurdle in your way.


How to Fix It?

The easy answer is to disconnect your Twitter and Facebook accounts from one another, and write your posts out separately. If you really can't resist the need to cross post something, I'd suggest setting up a Hootsuite account. Here you can select which posts you cross update each time rather than having it set up where you cross-update everything.

The actual content you're talking about doesn't need to change, but the way you tell it does. The style in which you say something on Twitter and Facebook is crucial if you want people and customers to do business with you. 

It would be good to hear from businesses on this and their experiences with cross posting; why you do it, or why you avoid it, so feel free to add your comments below.

Resized and cropped image credit to Thomas Leth-Olsen | cc