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July 2014 Update:

Unfortunately with the upgraded Facebook design being rolled out in July 2014, the short description is no longer immediately visible to people visiting your page, so the tip below is left here for posterity.

If you want to add some character to your Facebook page then you can still make your long and short descriptions compelling, and include links to direct fans onto your website.

Already have a Facebook Page for your business? If so here’s a very quick tip that will only take 2 minutes to boost your Facebook Page. 

businesses most important tool for generating revenue is their website. Whether it's through organic search, paid advertising, social media or email marketing the one thing everyone is chasing is more relevant traffic from the internet - More traffic = more customers.

So, if someone finds your Facebook page, and they want to know more about you - what are they going to do? Most of the time the answer is to click through to your website but if you're website address isn't clearly displayed then how are they going to do that? 

See that little box under your profile picture on your Facebook Page? Good, that's where you can add a website link. To add it, all you need to do is go into the ‘Update Info’ section of your page and change your ‘Basic Information’ -

~Change the primary business category to ‘Companies and Organisations’. Then choose the correct category for your business from the second set of options. ~

By choosing the ‘Companies and Organisations’ option Facebook will display the information you write in the ‘About’ section directly on your page so you can have a link!

Write something about your business in the ‘About’ field on the ‘Basic Information page’, and type in your link alongside your text, save it and you're done!

If you go back to your page, you should see the description you just wrote with a link back to your site Now everyone who comes across can easily click through to your website and can learn more about you and your business.