Facebook Cover Image

The Ideal Cover Image:

If you're looking for that perfect image for your Facebook timeline cover the best dimensions to use are 851px by 315px. But something which plenty of websites fail to mention about cover photos is that visitors don't see the whole image.

For businesses on Facebook, the timeline cover photo on can be the crowning glory to a fantastic page. There are plenty of businesses who will put a huge amount of effort into sourcing the correct image which will show everything that's great and good about them.

Picking the star image can be a time consuming affair, but it will all be worth it when people come to visit your page. right? Well, no as most people won't see most of your image.

What really happens...

The image above is my current timeline cover photo taken at Saunton Sands, which I'd like to think fits the bill pretty well for a cover photo.

But if you actually visit my page you're actually going to see this. -

Facebook Cover Photo

- Somehow a pair of legs isn't really what I was going for.

The Facebook timeline cover photo is one of the largest most important features of your business page and can have a massive first impression on people coming to your page. So it's incredibly frustrating that after your page loads the effort you've put into your cover photo is hidden away and prettily easily ignored.

You can always scroll up to the top of the page to see the full image, this isn't going to be done by everyone, so anything left above the fold could be missed. Instead the most important piece of real estate on a timeline cover photo is always going to be the bottom of an image.

What to do?

This is something which I think is always going to prove frustrating, and makes trying to locate 'the' perfect image that little bit harder, but it shouldn't be impossible. When you're next updating your cover image, you might just have to be a bit more creative. If you're lacking inspiration then have a look at some of these great examples here.

So, although the dimensions for a Facebook cover photo are 851px by 315px, you're probably going to end up seeing far less. Although the width is still 851px, you'll probably only see a bit more than 105px of the height of the image from the bottom.