Quick question - how long ago did you sign up to Facebook?

For me, it was in 2006 at the start of university; a time when Myspace was still cool and the definition of social networking meant meeting people in a bar.

Think about it though, 2006, that's 7 years ago, 7 years! Aside from being scary at how quickly that's gone by, it's also damn impressive that Facebook has held my attention for that long. But on all honesty I think the sun might be setting on my relationship with Facebook.

If you're one of the 50% of the UK population who isn't registered, just imagine that on the spare of the moment that you signed up to Facebook today. I think you'd be pretty impressed by what you saw. 

If you've been on the site for a while though, things can become well, dull.

I've played the games, liked the pages, tagged the photos and now I'm bored. With Timeline, Facebook's very structure is to chart your life from start to finish; it's not a service which has been planned for the short term.

So how long can something like Facebook continue for?

30 years?

50 years?

How many more gizmos can they come up with to keep you entertained for an indefinite period? 

OK, So what now? 

Fair enough, I'm not using Facebook any more to play Farmville or watch cat videos. But I can still use it to keep in touch with friends. Back in 2006 it was awesome seeing what friends where getting up to on the other side of campus.

Unfortunately though we've grown up. Instead of partying, travelling and having fun we had at uni has been replaced with the world of work.

The once hourly status updates have dried up, and when you throw in the Edgrank algorithm, you're left with a small bunch of twentysomething friends updates about how much they hate their bosses.

Don't get my wrong - there is some fun stuff, but by and large, what you did today at work, doesn't make for interesting reading.

So without something new to keep me interested, and without much going on in terms of updates, I honestly don't know how much longer I'll keep using the site as life carry's on.

This is just an example; just me, 1 person, in a pool of around 1 billion people using Zuckerbergs creation. The thing is though is how Facebook will wrestle with what's happening with all sorts of different people at different stages of their lives, having used Facebook for all different lengths of time. So we shall have to wait and see....