Last year I got quite heavily into the morality tale of the battle of the 2014 Christmas adverts? Should Sainsburys use the spirit of the First World War to flog a few more turkeys? The answer is still a resounding no. Nevertheless, it's kept me keenly aware of what's going on when it comes to the Christmas adverts and to see what's winning and losing in the digital world...

The Christmas Adverts of 2015...

Naturally, in pole position is John Lewis with another heart-warming childhood story of the Man On the Moon. Personally, it wasn't as heart-warming as previous years but enough for most of the office to crowd round my laptop when it was launched.

Next was Sainsbury's with a genuinely amusing resuscitation of the accident prone Mog. This actually won in my opinion for being downright more interesting than the Man on the Moon, but bizaarely I haven't actually seen it aired on TV.

Finally, a late entry and a brilliant attempt from Aldi's agile marketing department with their 'Telescope' Christmas Ad. The publicity was wide. The results - not so popular.

And trying to capture the gluten free market was Tesco with their incredibly generic, unfunny ad series. The less said about them and 'The Lattimer's the better. I haven't even the interest to embed it, but if you're desperate you can view it here.

So the results...

Total Views:

Sainsburys win with over 25,000,000 views closely followed by John Lewis at just shy of 23,000,000. Aldi, by comparison only received just over 2,000,000

Social Shares:

The runaway winner was Facebook for all 3 of the ads, completely dominating the social media marketplace with well over half a million shares for Sainsburys and John Lewis.  It just goes to show how much power Facebook still has when trying to reach a wide audience. I've included the full stats below on each of the other channels which draw out some of the more interesting data on the other channels. Google+ for instance still had a surprising amount of sway, when compared to say LinkedIn for this sort of thing. 

Channel Sainsburys Aldi John Lewis
Facebook 614,200 50,100 544,500
Twitter 11,900 4,000 21,400
LinkedIn 2,700 1,200 10,100
Google+ 19,900 2,000 32,400
Pinterest 104 0 0

Naturally, this doesn't equate to any direct sales. Plus, the traffic figures are only for the YouTube ad itself on the main channel of each of the stores. With plenty of other forms of publicity for their Christmas campaigns it's not definite, but does provide an interesting insight for what works, and what doesn't over the Christmas months.

Note: All the data was recorded on the 21/12/2015 via Buzzsumo.