Many months ago I wrote a post on here about leaving North Devon behind. Well, after an awful lot of discussions, calls and general overall thinking it's been decided that we're off - out of here - the whole family - away, all the way...down to South Devon.

After an incredible amount of wrangling with solicitors, estate agents and a delightful 1.5 hour chat with TalkTalk we're now here in and moved into our new home in Dawlish.

If you're not sure where I'm talking about then cast your mind's back to last winters floods. Dawlish is the place where the train line got washed away. Yeah, that place. Thankfully we're going to a little further inland away from the sea but in walking distance for the warmer weather.

In the intervening months my resolve for leaving for North Devon has grown and grown. It is an exceptionally beautiful part of the world with pristine beaches, stunning countryside and the rest. But that is countered by the incredibly limited work opportunities and a dire transport system. I'm not going to go into any more detail about these, but safe to say that I'm incredibly pleased at not having to use the North Devon Link Road again for a while.

And now for the second big announcement...

A New Job!

For those of you who read my leaving North Devon behind post I was also on the lookout for a new role. Freelancing is fun, but office life is better. Having narrowed down potential locations to either Exeter, Bristol, Reading or London, I've incredibly pleased to say that I'm now going to be working as a Digital Marketing Manager with Optix Solutions, who are based in Marsh Barton, Exeter.

They are a genuinely cracking bunch of friendly people who offer both digital marketing and web design services to a whole range of clients. With some cool offices and a genuinely impressive plan for the future, I'm looking forward to making a proper start in the next couple of weeks.

Plans For the Future

With so many boxes floating around us, the plans for the next couple of months is to settle in properly to South Devon, sort the house out and get this website updated. My cover image of Saunton Beach is going to have to be stored away in place of shot of sunny South Devon.

Looking onwards, I'll be cracking on with work at Optix but will still both be ready and willing to take on any small freelance projects on the side. So if you're keen to know more then just have a look at my home page. Alongside that I'll still adding the occasional post or two on here, so keep a lookout!