A Happy New Year to you all! 

2014 has certainly been a year of change, both personally and the realms of digital marketing. So before looking forwards here's a quick recap:

So, a pretty good year overall. Onto 2015!

My Digital Marketing Predictions for 2015

My thoughts for the year ahead-

  • This will be the year of the smartwatch. Although there are already watches available to buy the release of Apple's smartwatch will push them mainstream.

  • Google Glass will finally fade from the mainstream.

  • Mobile and tablet devices are going to continue to gain an increasing market share.

  • The internet will go nuts when on October 21, 2015, will be the very same date when Marty McFly went back to the future. There's going to be plenty of articles comparing the real 2015 to the fictional future of the film. Although if someone could invent a proper hoverboard that would be awesome.

  • Paid advertising on social media channels is going to increase as brands find it gradually more difficult to engage with fans organically.

Thoughts? Opinions? Add your predictions onto the comments below...