If you read my last post about mobile in 2015, you really should.

Why? Not just because I want you to, but Google's taken things a step further since then, and announced a major update to shake up the SEO world coming to a website near you on the Tuesday 21st April 2015.

As of this date Google will be expanding their use of mobile friendliness as a ranking signal. In their own words this is going to have a "significant impact in our search results". You can read the full announcement here.

Why the mobile update is so significant:

One this is damn important - Google very rarely make announcements about changes to their ranking algorithms. Normally, it's a few weeks after an update's taken place, so for them to announce this weeks before indicates something big is about to go down.

Secondly, this means that if you don't have a mobile friendly site, you really need to get one up and running fast. If you don't then you've only got  a few weeks to go before the likelihood of anyone finding using a mobile device to find you through organic search, well isn't going to find you. As mentioned in the last post, this might not have much of an impact if your total traffic levels from mobile are 1-2%. But, 30, 40 even 50%. That could mean you lose half the traffic and realistically the level of business you do though your website is set to plummet.

Some Further Reading:

If this is all still new to you and you're madly searching for 'how to make a website mobile friendly' then I suggest you have a read of this article here from Search Engine land on how much traffic you stand to lose with the coming mobile SEO-Pocalypse (their words - not mine).

If you're a little more advanced and know a thing or two about Google Webmaster Tools, Analytics and the like then I'd recommend this article here also from Search Engine Land.

So, act now, or if you've done all you can - sit tight. Either way, we're going to be seeing some interesting things happening come 21st April.