After a whole lot of deliberation I've decided that it's high time I move away from North Devon and head elsewhere to continue to gain more experience in the digital marketing scene. 

There has been a whole bunch of push and pull factors at work, but I want to develop my career, meet new people and work on some amazing projects. North Devon is an stunning part of the world with some of the best beaches and countryside I've ever seen. Yet, economically, there are a lot better opportunities elsewhere. 

So where in the world am I headed?

Map of Exeter, Bristol, Reading, London.

Working from west to east the potential contenders are Exeter, Bristol, Reading or London. The reasons for these four are:

1) Exeter. I love the city. It's got a quiet laid back vibe about it and there are some good business and industries at work here. Plus it's got some rather good travel links by rail, road and air to the rest of the country.

2) Bristol. It's just been named Britain's best city to live in. It's also nice and central. The city also has a fun creative side (demonstrated by its plans to install a 90m water slide to run down the main hill in the city centre). 

3) Reading. It's also been named as the top place to live and work. I know the area really well as I studied here for my degree. There's a lot going for it and the it's home the headquarters of a lot of national businesses.

4) London. The City. The Big Smoke. The capital certainly has an appeal especially as it could mean working with some of the biggest and best in digital marketing. There's definitely the added attraction of so much culture and innovation. 

I also wouldn't be adverse to working somewhere else if someone can persuade me otherwise, What's your favourite city? I've spoken to a lot of people so far about what they think, but I'm still undecided. Add your thoughts in the comments below.

Could we work together?

If you have a some work going and you'd like to involve me, or just want to have a chat about marketing, get in touch! The magic number to phone is 07720 880733.