Since I started freelancing last year I've had the goal of setting up multiple side projects - each one in a different industry - but somehow related to digital marketing. Today marks the launch of the first of them - The Way With Words. 

The Way With What? 

The Way With Words is a business dedicated to all things Verbal Identity. We'll be nailing down the verbal identity and verbal branding for some leading organisations who want a better tone of voice.

Verbal Identity? 

A collective agreement of how a business should write and brand their business to resonate with their intended audience. It's what makes brands serious, stylish, fun or frank - and everything in-between. It gives personality, consistency and the right voice for your business. 


Organisations spend inordinate sums on their websites, their creative and their strategy - but when it comes to copy? It's delegated to whoever has a free pair of hands. Just because you can type doesn't mean you can write - and let's face it poor copy undermines your entire offering. 

A kick-ass verbal identity - 

  • Gives a way to communicate to your audience in a way which they'll understand 
  • Gives your customer facing teams consistency across the way they communicate

Whose Involved? 

The Way With Words is a joint venture between myself and long term partner in crime, Jamie Harper. Jamie will be using his serious copywriting skills  with defining a organisations verbal identity while I'll be heading up the marketing and sales of the business.


Want to know more about what we're about? Then check out The Way With Words website to see what we can do.