I'm not normally up for corporate-y things. Team building days and the like. But the last few months have seen the team at Optix (where I work) embark on the Insights Personality Profiling. And while this isn't going to be a transformative 'oh my god I HAVE to tell you how much better my life is' kinda post, there are a few nuggets of information which are certainly worth mentioning.

What is Insights Profiling?

At first glance if you look at Insights it's one of those slightly bland, corporate affairs which talks about personality testing. On second glance though and after 30 questions to assess whether you're essentially and introvert or extrovert things suddenly become a whole lot more interesting. 2 weeks later you get a full personality profile which aside from being spookily accurate splits your personality into four colour types:

  • Blue - Organised. Cool. Detached. Methodical.
  • Red - Brief. Top Level. Independent
  • Green - Empathetic. Aware. Democratic
  • Yellow - Bright. Involved. Fluffy and Positive.

Each person has a different percentage of these 4, with one being a dominant trait. If you hadn't guessed already I'm mainly Blue, followed by a chunk of Green and a dash of Red and Yellow. Apparently the perfect combination for a Digital Marketing Manager. 

How Insights Helps:

Firstly it's made communication with colleagues and clients a whole lot easier. If you know someone is always red then you align your communication to that colour. So, an email would consist of bullet points, rather than full sentences. If you've made it down this far you're probably not a red.

So, you can structure emails. Big deal. But it works in other ways;

  • Presentations can be visually inspiring or quirky if you're red or yellow. Detailed and text heavy for others.
  • Initial chats with clients can be warm and woolly talking about pets and holidays if you're green or yellow. Straight questions on how business is if you're red.

As mentioned it's not revolutionary but has been making a big impact on in effect how I'm marketing my communications to others. If nothing else, a lot of businesses we work with have also been profiled by Insights (or by DISC which operates along similar means) so clients can get to know us more quickly too. So rapport and relationships can be quickly and firmly established.

The Takeaway:

You might be doing the most amazing marketing, but if you can't effective communicate it to your client, then you're going to struggle to succeed. Spend some time thinking about how, and how often, you're communicating with those paying for your time to make a relationship work.