To be honest with you I first started this article back in May of last year and put it to one side as I couldn't come up with an answer. But a few weeks back someone made a commented about a freelancer friend of mine that got me thinking once more...

My Question to you:

If you were to hire someone for an online job (say content marketing, web design or hey even digital marketing) would you actively look for someone local? Or would you hire someone from further afield?

The reason for asking is that time and again businesses seem to opt for those closest to them. But why? There's naturally plusses and minuses but with the power of the internet you literally have a whole planet of talented people and agencies ready to do to your work. So, assuming language and time zones aren't an issue, there isn't any difference if your asking a developer in Bristol or Baltimore to do a job. You could find an agency that is perfectly suited to your needs, or could give you the best price.

So, why is it time and again people opt for the guy down the road?

I imagine it's a case of out of sight, out of mind. People hidden behind a screen lose the human element. It's also because should the worst happen and someone does a runner you don't have to summon the forces of Interpol to track someone down. On the other hand local people know other locals and a personal recommendation from a friend of colleague carries a lot more weight than a webpage from an unknown, untested international agency.

All in all, I have can't come up with an answer for why you should do either. But I'd be really interested to hear what you think.

Have you ever looked at working with a non-local agency or freelancer?

Why did you go with them?

Or why did you avoid them?

What makes having a local business much more appealing?

The doors are open to you. Add your comments below. Just click on the comment box and get typing.