I came across Ifttt (If This Then That) a while back, and having had a look around thought I'd put together some great Ifttt recipes which I've come across.

New to Ifttt?

Ifttt in their own words, puts the internet to work for you. By using the 'recipes' already listed (or by making your own) you can connect 'channels' such as Twitter and Facebook (and a whole lot more.) So when certain 'triggers' happen you can create an action  It's probably easier for me to give you an example:

IF (I add a photo to Facebook) THEN (add it to Flickr) or...

IF (I receive an email with attachment) THEN (Save the attachment to Dropbox) 

The recipies that you can make can produce all sorts of fantastic ways to automate tedious online tasks, or help with your day to day life. 

 Update: As of July 2013, Ifttt is now available on Iphone and comes with a number of new recipes that work with the phones contacts, photos and reminders. Full details on the Ifttt blog.

There are around 40 channels which Ifttt works with, so there a lot of combinations that you could get creative with to make the internet a more productive place....

My 5 Favourite Ifttt Recipes: 

Gmail to SMS Screenshot Ifttt

Connecting Gmail and SMS - 

If your outside of range of a wifi or phone signal Ifttt can send you a text message each time you receive a new email. Alternatively, if you're waiting for an important message from a particular person you can always set it up so that it only emails you when an email comes in from a specific person, or with a keyword in the subject line. 

Weather Report to sms screenshot of Ifttt

Weather Forecasts - 

Using the weather centre, you can have a text message sent to you for the following days weather. If you set it up to trigger when there's going to be rain, it can let you know if you need to take an umbrealla. My personal favourite is if the temperature falls below 0'c I'll get a message so that I know I'll need to get up earlier to defrost the car.

Instagram to Twitter Screenshot Ifttt

Instagram to Twitter - 

Now that Twitter no longer supports Instagram, meaning you have to click off the site to see those beautiful sepia photos, you can use this workaround to go back to the good old days and have your Instagram images appear directly in the Twitter feed.

Time Reminder to Email Screenshot Ifttt

Reminders - 

If you're forever forgetting to do something which really should have really sunk in by now, you can use Ifttt to email or text you. You can set the reminders up to go at a specific time, day or year of your choice with a personalized message.

RSS Feed to Email Screenshot Ifttt

Ebay - 

One for buyers and sellers on Ebay - At the bottom of each results page is the small RSS feed button. If you take this and put it into Ifft you can set up a new recipe so you can be emailed when that unique item you've been dying to get for the last few months comes along. I came across the recipe on this website here, so have a look for more details about how to set this one up.

All I can say is have a look around Iftt and see if there are any recipes which could benefit you. The system is an incredibly easy to use, and could save you a lot of time in the long run, so give it a go and if you have any incredibly recipes which you've come across then add them onto the comments below.