Drum roll please >> I’m pleased to announce that I’m now Google Adwords Certified. It’s something which I’ve been meaning to complete for a while now and have been studying for the exams over the last couple of weeks.

Having completed the ‘Advertising Fundamentals’ and ‘Advanced Search’ exams it has really opened my eyes into both the power and complexity which AdWords has behind it. Prior to this I have had some experience with running some basic campaigns, but it’s now really good to know how much more can be done to get ads in front of the right audience for whatever business sector. 

If you're completely new to AdWords and am not sure what I'm talking about then have a watch of this video from Google:

My one slight reservation using AdWords is fundamentally the costs to get it running. To make any ad on Google as effective as it could possibly be requires data, and lots of it. This data is gained from running and testing ads during the first few weeks of a campaign and then responding accordingly, but all of this costs money which sometimes a business’s just doesn't have to invest.

It’s certainly a longer term strategy as a way of advertising, but something which I’d hope would be a successful investment and it’s something which I’m really look forward to testing and seeing how it develops.