It’s always good to share. So with that in mind, I intend to create a series of blog posts featuring different businesses from different industries from across the South West about their use of online marketing.

Why the South West?

Whenever I go exploring throughout the West Country, I’m always struck by the entrepreneurial, creative and motivated businesses which exist in this part of the world - Businesses which you don’t hear enough about. It’s about time they got some extra attention and hear their thoughts on how they market themselves.

It’s always interesting to see what others have got to say on topics relating to the wonderful world of online marketing. Whether it’s a fresh idea about using social media, or just a discussion on the challenges of rural broadband, it’s all worthwhile information to help foster ideas and generate discussions to help people improve their online marketing.

So if you, have something genuinely interesting to say about your business and its marketing, and are based in the West Country...Then I want to hear from you!

So if you feel you and your business have got something to say and want to be featured on the blog, just contact me and I’ll get back to you.

Awesome West Country businesses already featured on here:

Howie Cobb, Author | Two Minute Noodle

Jack Williams & Allie Lawson | Elsie & Arthur