QR Code about QR Codes

I've been looking around and got to ask - do people still use QR Codes?

Those delightful looking warped barcodes spent most of 2012 plastering all manner of printed materials, but now seem like they're nowhere to be seen (in my opinion at least).

From a marketing perspective QR codes were brilliant because-

  • They are free and easy to make.
  • You could track how many people scanned it, providing a rough ROI on printed ads.
  • You could become rather creative in how they're presented. For how not to make a QR code see some epic failures here.

Last year every magazine or paper I looked through seemed to have one, but the phase seems to have passed. For me though the reality hit; it takes a lot of effort from the users perspective. Why? Because -

  • You have to own a smartphone.
  • You have to download a QR reader app beforehand.
  • When you want to scan something, you have to locate your phone, unlock it, open up the app, and then try and scan the object.

All in all some people will still do this and scan a code but that is a lot of hurdles to get through, especially when (in my experience) some QR codes refuse to scan. 

So, now they appear to have vanished from a lot of what I read. However, if you search for 'qr codes' in Google news, you get a massive list of pretty impressive uses for them (such as this 'smart' nappy) which goes far beyond simply adding them onto printed adverts.

Resized & cropped image credit to Jefferson National Expansion Memorial | cc

So the floor is open to you - do you, or your business still use QR codes? Or have you given up with them? Are they good, bad or downright ugly? Add your comments using the button below and I look forward to seeing what people have to say...