Can you name a place where you can network with thousands of business for free each week? The answer: Devon Hour.

If you haven't heard of the recent phenomenon Devon Hour is a weekly online Twitter meetup which takes place every Wednesday between 8 - 9pm. Aimed exclusively at connecting Devon businesses the chat enables individuals and companies from up and down the county to follow one another and generally network for better business success.

Although the actual hour is the primetime for networking there are countless examples of people using the #devonhour hashtag outside of this time to look for recommendations or ask for advice. It's an incredibly helpful and useful tool; plus it shows the general good spirited nature that occurs in the county. Here's just one as an example:

Want to join in?

Devon Hour has been tweeting since January 2013, but now boasts an impressive follower count of 12.6k and has made an even more impressive 46.7k tweets at the time of writing. Busy times indeed. If you want to get involved just join in the chat starting using the #devonhour hashtag and follow them here.

The idea of weekly Twitter chats isn't just consigned to this great county though. Almost every county has a dedicated networking hour at some point during the week. You can go as broad or as specific as you like. If you like to get into more detail in Devon they why not try:

North Devon Hour: Monday at 8-9pm

Dartmoor Hour: Tuesday at 7.30 - 8.30pm

Torbay Hour: Monday 8-9pm

Exeter Hour: Thursday 8-9pm

Plymouth Hour: Tuesday 8-9pm

East Devon Hour: Tuesday 8-9pm

Teignbridge Hour: Monday 8.30-9.30pm

Or if you want to venture further why not try:

Somerset Hour: Thursday 8-9pm

Cornwall Hour: Wednesday 7.30-8.30pm

South West Hour: Thursday 8-9pm

Have fun!