So much work goes into building new websites. Your code is clean, the photography is perfect. And the content? Well you can just copy and paste from your old site can't you?

Don't even think about it.

Your content is the cornerstone to reaching new people and getting them to engage and act. People will use it to buy into you and from you. So when the time finally comes to build your website consider these 5 things when it comes to your content.

Run a Content Audit

If you already have a website then audit the content using Google Analytics data. Identify what pages aren't relevant to you anymore and scrap them. Then, earmark those pages with high bounce rates or low time on page. Now could be the moment to give them an upgrade.

Research before you write

What are you missing? You work at your business day in day out. The expertise you have might be great but it can leave you disconnected from your customers. Use tools such as Answer the Public to search and find out what your customers want by finding their questions that you can provide the answers to. Then ask people! Talk the people that answer the phones, friends, family and anyone who sort of knows what you do. What are the common questions, themes and topics that could be written to help future visitors?

Consider the written word

Yes, Google understands HTML web copy much more than other media types, but stop for a second and consider whether copywriting should be your chosen medium for your content, or whether other methods could be more effective in hitting your audience.

The long and the short of it is maybe what you have to say could be said through other means which align more closely with your target audience. Think YouTube videos, long form research, whitepapers, infographics, images and animations. Could these be more effective?

Commission a Copywriter

If you choose to write, then please don't write your web copy yourself. You hire an expert to code and an expert to design, but just because you're capable to hitting the keys of a keyboard does not make you a copywriter. The pros out there can draw out your skills and USP's to position them in a way which has the right tone of voice and the right messages for your customers - all without a spelling mistake in sight.

Put time into planning

Plan whatever you're doing well in advance. Pulling together content is time consuming - especially when you consider everything else which comes with constructing your masterpiece. Doing it on top of an already busy schedule can mean sloppy workmanship, or no content produced at all, pushing back a switch on date by weeks if not months. 

So, lock yourself away, start planning and give your content the attention it deserves. 

What's your experiences of producing content for new websites. Write it in the comments below.