It's not often over 1,500 digital marketers converge in one place but when they do its done in style at BrightonSEO. So last Friday the Optix Solutions digital marketing team and I spent a blur of a day expanding our skills on content, social, SEO and paid marketing. 

Here are the key takeaways: 

Generation Z is coming...

Yes, the generation that comes after us lot of millennias is fast approaching. By 2020, gen z will make up 40% of all consumers. With completely different media habits they spend up to 25% less time with your content compared to older generations so start to plan future content accordingly. 

- From Nichola Stott speaking on 'How and why UX must be front and centre to your technical strategy' 

Becoming a featured snippet... 

It isn't as difficult as I thought. It means more traffic more exposure and like in Snakes and Ladders means you can jump to the top of a SERP without being an official number 1 organic result. Well hopefully. A combination of choosing the right topics, using the correct HTML table elements and using a Q&A format for single questions works best. The talk had so much useful data it's well worth a look through.

- From Rob Bucchi - Deep diving into featured snippets

Links, redirects and your domain...

If you have another domain pointing to your site with a 301 redirect then any negative equity or penalties are automatically passed on. That means running a regular link audit just on your own domain could mean everything looks fine but issues could lie elsewhere. Fortunately, Link Research Tools is bringing out a chrome extension to help identify these. 

- From Christoph Cemper - Link KnowHow: 7 things you didn't know about links, redirects and rel-canonical

Forgetting other touchpoints...

We all know that digitally a customers journey doesn't just take place with your website. As well as other digital channels though the skills of every good digital marketer should be translated across the company to every touchpoint. A great website doesn't make up for god-awful customer service for example. Fixing this comes from training which is aligned to your strategy and audience personas which all stems from your businesses vision. Doing this helps all of your employees successfully market a business.

- from Mike Essex - how to turn your employees into your greatest marketeers (he's the guy in the image!)

Site speed should be compared to your competitors...

There isn't a universal benchmark load time which Google looks at when deciding how your site speed should determine rankings. Essentially you need to be faster than your competitors so benchmark your performance against them using GTMetrix before launching into optimisation work.  

- from Tom Bennet - Site Speed for Content Marketeers

Want more?

As well as the blog posts from everyone else popping up over the next few weeks if you've got the time then work through the recordings from Authoritas. 8 hours of free knowledge isn't a bad thing. 

Here's to next September.