A few weeks back I got to spend some time up in London. The capital seems like a world away from my home of rural North Devon, especially when you take a look at how the internet is accessed and consumed there. 


So here are a few things I noticed (in a completely unscientific and subjective way) when you compare London to Devon - 


Foursquare finally makes sense:

I stayed in Farringdon, and using the Foursquare app I could bring up at least 20 places to eat and drink all within a 5 minute walk.

Back home in Barnstaple, there’s still plenty of businesses, but virtually none of them are signed up. For the ones that are registered, there’s not much happening. It’s a bit of a Foursquare ghost town and never really made sense. 

It's a shame really. Firstly, because it’s a free source of marketing. Secondly, because the app works brilliantly to give a businesses' reputation a boost as you can see genuine tips and photos from other people. 

Wifi Works:


The number of wifi zones in London was impressive. In the city you could pick up a signal in most places that you couldn't down here. I even sat in a park and picked up a signal! Better still the wifi is fast, making it much easier if you want to do almost anything online.  (I know I shouldn't be that enthusiastic about this fact, but would never be able to do this at home!)

Well, what do you know - Mobile is Massive:


Standing on the tube I was impressed by the number of people using tablet devices, both for reading on the commute, but also for day to day work. In Devon though, I don’t think I've yet seen anyone in a public area pull out an Ipad.

 Digital engagement on mobile devices must be huge, which reinforced for me how important it is for a website to be optimised for mobile. 

Resized and cropped image credit to Nicolas de Camaret | cc

All in all, the way people access information seems massively different depending on where you are in the world, something which I didn't really think about before. It is though definitely something I'll be keeping in mind on future marketing campaigns.