The wonderful world of Vine has recently been occupying my time recently. It's a beautiful way to procrastinate. But although it's been going for well over a year so many people haven't heard of it, so here's a quick overview of what it's all about.

  • It's created by the folks who run Twitter
  • People upload 6 second videos which automatically restart when the 6 seconds are up.
  • You can add hashtags, follow viners and re-vines their videos
  • It's wonderfully creative, crude and everything in between.

From watching at least a couple of hundred vines you get the impression that the majority of viners are young Americans. It's ideal if that's your target audience, great. If it's not - not so good.

What it does demonstrate though is the truly amazing talent and humour that's out there. Sure, there is a whole lot of rubbish too, but what's good generally shines out a mile. It makes you think how much more creative you could make your marketing.

So here are 6 vines picked by me which can give you an overview of the sort of thing you can expect. So for the next 36 seconds, sit back, relax and if you want the sounds just click on the top left button on each vine:

1) Cute, Cute Creatures:

Added 27 April; 2014: Likes: 15.4k | Re-vines: 5,788 | Comments: 1,434

2) Awesome 6 second covers:

Added March 18 2014:  Likes: 196.2k | Re-vines: 131k | Comments: 4,692

3) Sporting Prowess

Added August 30 2013: Likes: 19.9k | Re-vines: 14.1k | Comments: 465

4) Things be like things:

Added January 12 2014: Likes: 468k | Re-vines: 325.7k | Comments: 17.6k

5) Nature in all its glory:

Added September 10 2013: Likes: 1million | Re-vines: 495.1k | Comments: 46.4k

6) People attempting (and succeeding) in being funny:

Added April 14 2014: Likes: 96.5k | Re-vines: 31.5k | Comments: 1,192