I’ve been reading a lot about content marketing recently, particularly what to do if you find yourself in a 'boring' industry. So here are 4 of the dullest of the dull industries who still manage to rock the content marketing world. So even when your industry might be considered boring - you don't have to be. 

1) Car Parks

Moz recently posted a case study on the wonderful world of car parks. Not just any car parks mind but just those in Leeds and Manchester. The driving force behind this super content is Parrallax who can show you a thing or two to make parking fun by creating a number of smart sleek and interactive websites. >Read the case study here.

2) Razor Blades

When you come to think of it razor blades really aren't the most exciting thing in the world, no matter how many times you feature sports superstars on the ads. However, the low cost but high quality razor blades from managed to truly shake up the system with their hilarious and downright impressive advert below. It's had over 13 million views on Youtube and you can read more about why it works here: >>Read more.

3) Utility Companies

Why is it utility companies always seem to have a bad image? I blame the poor returns they offered when you bought them in the annual Christmas game of Monopoly. Anyway, this article centres around the US General Electric company. It keeps people on side with their Pinterest boards which have amassed and impressive 21k followers and interactive tools to help people cut their carbon emissions. Nifty stuff. >>Read the full article.

4) Insurance

Car and home insurance really scrapes the bottom of the barrel when it comes to popularity, However, if you’re from outside of the UK then you've got to check out Compare the Meerkat.

Playing on the apparent confusion that the British have between the words Market and Meerkat, the insurance comparison site has managed to provide one of the greatest content plans that has been ingrained in the British consciousness since 2009.

Although most of the campaign centres around TV advertising, the firm created a genuine meerkat comparison website which was reported to have received over 2 million hits/month during 2010.

Their spin off Facebook and Twitter pages (numbering 814k and 66k likes and fans respectively) where you can interact with cheeky Aleksandr Orlov (The Founder of Compare the Meerkat) provides a whole plethora of pieces of content around the wonderful meerkat brand.

Still feeling uninspired?

Hopefully that little lot has got you thinking about some ideas for generating some content for your industry, no matter how boring you think you are. However, if you still feel as though you need a little more motivation then check out this booklet from Hubspot which features 16 other companies in boring industries which are creating great content. 

There are definitely many more awesome examples of great content out there from other boring industries, so if you'd like to recommend any more just add them onto the comments below.