It's going to be a quick post this. Things are busy and time is tight. But recently I've come across a fair number of people just starting out with their own businesses. With a necessity of doing everything on a shoestring, a question I'm often asked where can I get a logo made?

Here's 3 solutions*

Hipster Logo Generator

If you need something sleek and monochrome then look no further. Hipster Logo Generator is neat, quick and has a whole host of functionality built in. Perfect if your next business venture is an artisnal burger bar.

Make your logo here.

Squarespace Logo

Staying with the minimalist theme, Squarespace Logo offers simple text and a bewildering array of symbols and shapes to create a logo. This isn't the place to come if you're looking for colour, but at only $10 a logo (or free for Squarespace customers) it's well worth exploring.

Make your logo here.


Let other people do the hard work for you. Fiverr is an awesome place where alongside logo design you can commission people from across the globe to carry out all sorts of creative services; and you guessed it - starting from as little as $5. There's colour. There's creativity. It's just about finding the right person.

Make your logo here. 

Top Tip:

If your new to digital images, then make sure whatever logo you have completed is sent to you in a range of formats including an SVG file. This type of file means your logo will look good regardless of whether your printing it on a billboard of a postage stamp - it means the quality won't be altered.

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*Note, these should only be used if you have an eye for design. To make your business stand out I'd highly recommend you save up and commission an experienced designer who can create something remarkable. After all, your logo is going to be with you for the duration of your business.