BrightonSEO was back for September 2016 and boy oh boy was it a good one. A new larger venue meant more people (rumours of 3.5k) and more talks (60+). This was my 3rd visit to the event and content marketing was one at the forefront of many of the talks. So here was 3 of the best:

1) Simon Bennison: How to put a price on digital content

Who is he? Head of Content Marketing at Caliber

Why watch it? 

  • Tangible advice on the actual spend businesses put towards content marketing is virtually nothing but it delivers most of the results
  • How to actually calculate those numbers
  • It was funny, refreshing and has a lot more personality than some of the other talks.

2) Paddy Moogan: Sustainable Content Marketing

Who is he? Co-founder of Aira

Why watch it?

  • Paddy is a legend in the world of digital offering insightful, honest advice (see his link building book to see what I mean)
  • For everyone's sake create a content calendar that you can tie your marketing around/
  • Recycle what goes into making content (structures/processes/code) for future use saving time, money and energy 

3) Mark Leech & Richard Marriot: Content Marketing Strategy Training

Who are they? Mark is the Operations Director and Richard is the Head of Business Development at Zazzle Media

Why listen to them?

Strictly speaking their talk wasn't at BrightonSEO, but through the content marketing training course I attended the day before. In one word their workshop was awesome. 

  • They have an awful lot of practice in developing complete creative content campaigns for the likes of, Superdry and the Money Advice Service.
  • This covered persona development, big idea planning. scheduling, distribution and project planning - all within 6 hours.
  • Is there a presentation for this? No, but they do have a handy Audience-centric content strategy toolkit right here.

Attending BrightonSEO is invaluable for us. Learning new ideas and meeting new people is critical for us to stay ahead in an industry which changes ridiculously fast. So, it's on with writing up my notes and implementing what I've learnt.