content marketing

Great content is what fuels effective SEO and Social Media - so it should sit at the very core of your digital marketing. As a content marketing consultant I've worked for years with different clients and their content; either directly creating it or improving the structures and processes to make their content efforts  more effective. As a result people get to tell the most amazing stories that can benefit both your brand and your bottom line. 

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persona development

Content works best when you truly know your audience - who they are, what they do and how they behave. Persona development projects combine data and insight to give you and your marketing team a clear idea of who your customers actually are.


content strategy

So many businesses embark on creating content unsure on who it's for, how it should be made or how its success can be measured. Content strategy brings all that together to give you a clear direction of the path your business should take. 


content creation

Content takes many forms - from live video for social to technical long form blog posts. Whether it's sorting out your internal plans and processes to create good content or just needing someone on hand to write, film or shoot I'm here to help.

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"Dan, our day-to-day contact, was excellent - always available, receptive and willing to work in ways that accommodated our needs. He was affable, engaging and professional, effectively translating the technical element of the work for the benefit of our team."

Martin Young - Trainee Solicitor at Michelmores

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If you want to have a chat about how content marketing can help your business then call me on 07720880733 or hit the button below. I'm based just outside Exeter in Devon, so if you're nearby let me know and we can meet up to talk.