Dan White - Freelance Digital Marketer

SEO / Social Media / Content Marketing


Dan White - Freelance Digital Marketer

SEO / Social Media / Content Marketing

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HI, I'M DAN...

I'm a freelance digital marketing consultant based just outside Exeter in Devon. 

My focus is on 3 key areas - SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing.


Because these topics are fascinating - and with 8 years of digital marketing experience I know how they can be used to get results.

So have a look around, read the obligotary digital marketing blog and if you need a dab hand at improving your marketing then let me know and I'll be happy to get stuck in.


Hot Air Balloon - SEO


If you want more business from your website then you need more traffic; and more traffic comes from higher rankings. How do you get those rankings? I'm glad you asked.

Social Media Haze

SOCIAL media

Strategically running and reporting on multiple social accounts is always a challenge - especially when the goalposts move so rapidly. Here's how to make your life easier...

Content Marketing Typrewriter

content marketing

Great content carries some serious weight in making your SEO and Social Media succeed, but if you're unsure about how to begin then start here.

partners in crime have included...



A word from previous clients..


A word from previous clients..

  • Dan always provides knowledgeable insights, real expertise when it comes to all things digital and a sprinkling of exciting new things to keep an eye. A thorough professional and a nice guy too.
    — Tony Harbron - Marketing Director of Lightfoot
  • "Dan had major input on design, development and strategy to name a few. He helped bridge the gap between conception and target audience, his marketing knowledge was a great asset to the company. On a personal note, he is one of the nicest chaps I have ever worked with".
    — Dale Green - Associate Marketing Director
  • I've worked with Dan for a few years and his skill and knowledge on social media has been extremely helpful. We've achieved great improvements in reach, impressions and positive reviews as a result of his efforts.
    — Steve Burge - Marketing Manager, Clarks Village
  • Dan is fundamental to a digital strategy, there's no other way of putting it, he get's results. If you need digital marketing and you want to do it the right way, you might as well stop wading through all the noise of digital and get in touch with Dan.
    — Ben Corbally - Director, Full Story Marketing



If you want to talk about how digital can help your business then fill in the form below. Then sit back, relax and I'll be in touch ASAP